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One of the largest complications of modern medicine

 is healthcare associated infections (HAIs). In 2018, the Center for Disease Control reported that one in 31 patients acquired a HAI [1]. This includes approximately 157,500 annual Surgical Site Infections (SSIs) [2]. 

Drug-resistant bacteria are also a growing problem, as pharmaceutical-based treatment methods are becoming ineffective. In 2013 the CDC declared that we are now in the “post-antibiotic era,” and in 2014, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that the antibiotic resistance crisis is becoming dire [3].



The financial costs for HAIs are staggering. The global market for hospital acquired infections totaled $23.7 billion in 2016 and is expected to surpass $36.16 billion by 2023, growing at an annual rate of 7.3% [4]. With reduced antibiotic efficacy leading to more expensive and invasive treatments, market trends are shifting away from traditional methods and towards cutting edge technologies. Pura Medical LLC stands at the forefront of this change with our innovative electromagnetic energy based disinfecting solutions. 

Infection control measures mainly focus on pre- and post-operative sterilization of surgical equipment, but neglect disinfection of these instruments during surgery. Pura Medical LLC's devices, using electromagnetic energy, decrease the likelihood of HAI and SSI by continuously disinfecting surgical instruments, tools, and the surgical site during each surgery. Electromagnetic energy in the form of solid-state UV-C light, provides a quick and effective means of disinfection.



See how we use electromagnetic energy to prevent SSIs and antibiotic resistance

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