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Wound contamination is a significant risk factor for developing SSIs. Pura Site is a radical new active wound protection system that both physically blocks particulate and forcefully inactivates pathogens during the procedure. This device works to:

Improve access with superior retraction and visible light in the surgical site

Actively cleanse the site and surgical instruments with bactericidal light

Stabilize incision temperature with infrared heating for improved wound recovery

Central Line

Sleeve Retractor Support

Prevent wound contamination during open surgery with an infection-shielding retractor. Place the device directly into a pre-placed wound retractor sleeve for added rigidity.  An emission ring will prevent pathogens from directly contacting the site by shining light across the opening to ensure purification of the wound and all instruments entering the field. Light emission from the retractor body down into the incision will also sterilize the skin and surrounding tissue.


This twofold application will render any airborne bacteria or instrument contamination inert while also destroying any residual microbes left on the skin.


Sleeve Retractor Cap

This version of the sleeve retractor sits outside and slightly above the sleeve wound protector. This preserves space within the ring for surgeon visibility. The ring couples to the outer edge of the sleeve protector, and a thin, flexible membrane lays over and into the wound opening. Carefully selected wavelengths of light then shine down the membrane, thereby inactivating any bacteria present on the wound surface.

A horizontal emission ring will also act as a shield across the opening to disinfect tools as they are inserted.


Laparoscopic Port

While minimally invasive surgery itself reduces the incidence of infection, the entry wounds are still at high risk. Bacteria that is left on the skin prior to the incision can travel down the cut tissue, exposing the wound to possible infection. The port will emit bactericidal light outward onto the skin and surrounding tissue, thereby inactivating any harmful microbes before they can multiply. Inward emission will also kill bacteria introduced on instruments.  


Octopus Retractor

Ideal for shallow incision sites, this retractor features easy-to-attach arms which may be tightened for further retraction as desired.

The soft membrane gently retracts tissue from all directions, leading to less incision trauma and promoting better healing. The membrane also acts as a path for bactericidal light to access all areas of the incision while also protecting the wound from inadvertent damage by surgical tools.

Surgical Retraction
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