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PuraField™ Disinfecting Mayo Table

Pura V3 Render 2 2.jpg

The PuraField™ Mayo Table uses UV-C light to disinfect items quickly and thoroughly. 

See it in action!

Pura Rendering with Graphic.jpg

The PuraField™ Mayo Table automatically scans items with UV-C light from both sides, killing bacteria and other pathogens in seconds.


The PuraField™ Mayo Table UV-C arm speed is programmable depending on the type of pathogens present. 

Pura v3 with sterile drape 2.jpg

The PuraField™ Mayo Table is protected by a sterile, disposable drape during use.


Exposure to UV-C can cause damage to the eyes and skin. For this reason, UV blocking eye wear must be worn at at all times while the PuraField Mayo Table is in operation.

Dimensions: 250mm x 450mm Tray


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